Teamspeak 3 Server Infomation – Server IP:


  1. Talk Nicely
  2. Dont be a jerk
  3. Follow the rulez
  4. No mic spam allowed if you have a bad mic set “Push To Talk” on
  5. Fun is Always allowed
  6. Respect ADMINS (Normals Respect Crew And Owner NOT members as its the same thing)
  7. ADMINS Always have the last word


As Guest you can do anything but not join GAME rooms only NORMAL ROOMS and PRIVATE ROOMS

if you wanna be CREW “admin” you need to be a trusted user of a CREW member and the OWNER (me)


(in the listed order)

  1. Guest
  2. Normal (Users who use the server alot and is known)
  3. Member (Users who use the server all the time and now the owner)
  4. Crew “admins” (People who is trusted by other Crew and the owner to lead the server)
  5. Owner (Does what the fuck i wanna do B*tch 😀)
  6. Serveradmin (The computer that hosts ALL the servers i got and is ONLY controlled by ME)


Donwload Teamspeak 3: