Table with information about my servers

Teamspeak Server for all of your communication needs –

Server Name Game Gamemode Uptime IP/Port
[EU/DK] Markaabo’s CS:GO Server! CS:GO Casual 24/7*
[EU/DK] Markaabo’s Sandbox Server! Garry’mod Sandbox 24/7*
Markaabo’s Ark (DK/EU)[PRIVATE] Ark: Survival Evolved PVP Not 24/7*****
[DK/EU]{Custom Maps} Markaabo’s Canyon Server Trackmania2 Canyon Normal 24/7*
[DK/EU] Markaabo’s Valley Server Trackmania2¬†Valley Normal 24/7*
[DK/EU] Markaabo’s Stadium Server Trackmania2 Stadium Normal 24/7*


*24/7 the servers have a half hour downtime between 11:00 – 11:30 CET everyday because of update and stability check
**Not 24/7 meaning at will so not anytime only when needed
 ***My Ark: Survival Evolved server is private and you need a password